The National Museum, Kolkata

Yet another Sunday and the heat and humidity of Kolkata deter most of all to stay away from outdoors. Still people like me can never miss a chance to travel again to a new place no matter how bad the weather is.

On the lazy Sunday morning ,after having my breakfast, took Metro from Kalighat metro station to reach Park Street. Just outside the Park Street metro station is located The National Museum.


Established in 1814, considered to be the largest and oldest in India. The Museum is maintained and managed by Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

The building itself is testimony to the period during which it was built and the patronage it attracted at that time. The Museum is divided into different sections like Archaeology Section, Art Section, Botany Section, Zoology Section, Geological Section and Anthropological Section. There are various interesting galleries within each of the sections.


As you enter the building there is ticket counter on the left hand side and there is a ramp towards the main entrance of the museum. After taking ticket for Rupees 20/ from the counter, I headed towards the main  gate to enter where the gate keeper tore away his copy of the ticket and showed me the way. There was green courtyard in between the square structure of the building.

Just upon entry  there are two galleries one on each side. I entered towards the left hand side and found the Zoological Gallery. It was a huge hall with hundreds of specimen but the attraction of this gallery was the middle row where they have recreated the structures of couple of large animals of the period.

Display in The Zoological Section

  It was amazing to see the recreated elephant and the extent of his tusk.

The extensive Archaeology Section has whole lot of attractive figurines from different parts of India and from different periods of time.

The Bharhut Gallery has magnificent display of the Railings and gateways of the Buddhist Stupa discovered in the year 1873 from Bharhut, Madhya Pradesh, India. Carved in red sandstone, depicting scenes from the Buddha’s pre-birth stories.

Display at The Bhurhut Gallery
Display at The Bhurhut Gallery
Display at The Art Gallery

The Anthropology Section is also very interesting.

The Anthropological Section

Similarly there are other sections like The Geological section, The Botany Section.

The most important attraction of The Indian Museum is the 3000 years old mummy kept here at the Egypt gallery on the first floor upstairs. Overall the Museum is worth visiting if you happen to be in Kolkata.

The day ended with  a hot cup of tea in typical Kullad (cup made up of mud)  outside the Museum.

20160721_122923 (1)




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