St. John Church, Kolkata

As I walked passed the grand Raj Bhawan of West Bengal, at the intersection of Kiran Shankar Roy street and Council House Street just few minutes walk from the Raj Bhawan, Kolkata is situated St. John Church.

It is perhaps the city’s oldest surviving church. Lieutenant James Ogg designed the church on the model of St. martin-in-the- fields in London’s Trafalgar square, was consecrated in 1787 in the presence of Lord Cornwallis.


Charnock, , an administrator of the English East India Company during its early days is said to have been buried here in St. John Church premises.

Lord Curzon’s memorial also lies here. The Church premises also houses the  Black Hole memorial and Lady Canning’s memorial.


It is a very quite place specially on a Sunday evening and the gardens and lawns are well maintained.


The building was erected by the East India Company when Kolkata (Calcutta at that time) became the capital of the British India. Modeled on the lines of St. Martin-in-the-fields of London.

Not far off from this historic church is St. Andrew’s Church Kolkata near the historic Writers building in BBD Bagh area, also called Dalhousie Square.

St. Andrew’s Church, Dalhousie Square
Writer’s Building, Kolkata
Dalhousie square with General Post office building in the backdrop.

From Dalhousie Square, one can easily catch a tram towards the Esplanade but I preferred to walk down towards the Millennium Park,  Hoogly River front to have a glimpse of the sunset by the river.


Walking back to Dalhousie Square  and then to Esplanade after the sundown, I ended the day trip with typical bengali food at Bhojohori Manna, a famous Bengali restaurant at Esplanade.




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